Project 1:

Ukanc – zlatorog village




The expansion of the Zlatorog Village and the annual event “U konc sveta so pravljice doma” (Weekend along the Zlatorog Fairy Trail) as well the upgrade with digital content based on tangible, natural and cultural heritage to make the content interesting for adults and children. The current hiking and walking trails will be upgraded with digital content, focused on fairy tales. Visitors will be included in the creation of fairy tale content and we will cooperate at the implementation of events that will make the village of Ukanc the meeting point of fairy tale tellers.


  • Preparation of themed fairy trails
  • Interactive geo location map
  • Preparation of digital content along the fairy trails
  • Digital content for activities in nature
  • Interest group strengthening
  • Dispersed hotel


According to the inter-sectoral cooperation principle, we aim to merge the local population, enterprises, accommodation providers and activities for providing a well-connected joint offer (www.eu-skladi.si)

The investment is financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Regional Development Fund (www.eu-skladi.si)






Short description of operation: Roof insulation was implemented on two buildings in order to achieve optimised heat transmission and energy efficiency of the facility. Both facilities were also equipped with recuperation ventilation systems additionally increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs. Energy saving LED lights were introduced in both buildings and motion sensors for automatic light switching were installed in all hallways. The measures to reduce the consumption of drinking and sanitary water (installation of water breakers and energy saving thermostat fixtures). In building ALPIK 1, the water boiler ELKO was replaced with a heat water pump – dimensioned for both facilities. Waste quantity reduction measures were also carried out.

Purpose: Increasing the material and energy efficiency of the existing ALPIK facilities, intended for tourist activity and reducing the consumption of energy or increasing the use of renewable energy sources.


  • Increase energy efficiency of both ALPIK facilities and achieving a higher level of services provided
  • Maintain energy efficiency of the facility and preserve the “green” label for accommodation
  • Create maximum revenue and as a result enable the possibility to enlarge the team (recruitment)
  • Increase total number of guests
  • Increase revenue from tourism services and invest in further tourism development
  • Increase company’s added value
  • Reduce operating costs due to the introduction of material and energy efficiency measures or greater use of renewable sources

Project results:

  • Acquire the “TRAVEL LIFE” certificate
  • Reduce energy consumption for the facility
  • Reduce water consumption per overnight stay
  • Reduce waste per overnight stay

The investment is financed by the Republic of Slovenia nad the European Regional Development Fund (www.eu-skladi.si)







News: Competence strengthening within the scope of the E-COMMERCE 2019–2022 public tender


Within the scope of the E-COMMERCE 2019–2022 public tender, co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Regional Development Fund, ALPIK Chalets – Bohinj, Jaka Žvan s.p. acquired a grant for the execution of the operation “ALPIK COMPANY DIGITALISATION”. Within the scope of project activities, the company’s team attended various seminars with regard to future digital platforms and social networks, intended for foreign markets.



Training was carried out within the “DIGI ALPIK 2020” operation, approved at the Public tender for the introduction or upgrade of the electronic commerce in small companies in the 2019–2022 period.

The investment is financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Regional Development Fund (www.eu-skladi.si)





Abbreviation: DIGI ALPIK 2020


Short description of operation:

The company’s vision is for ALPIK Chalets to become one of the best visited accommodation facilities in Bohinj with maximum added value. This vision has been harmonised with the vision of Bohinj destination that emphasises slow tourism and joyfulness, meditation and adrenaline, mysteriousness and diversity, homeliness and multi-accessibility of Bohinj. One of our main objectives is to increase operating revenue at the annual level, by emphasising the increase outside the main season, the increase of share of foreign tourists in the destination, the impact on greater recognition of Bohinj destination, especially abroad, offering hospitality services and accommodation as well as spending leisure time in a different or special way with a touch of alpine tradition. In order to achieve all the set objectives (long- and short-term), we will design marketing activities by supporting them through the operation that will help us improve the company’s competitiveness and increase the options for entering and expanding operations in foreign markets.

The operation will significantly improve the company’s competitiveness abroad and increase the opportunities for entering or expanding operations in foreign markets. It will also enable automation of sales processes, which will lead to increasing sales, market share and consequently increase the quality of our services, expand the network of partners and increase export. Activities within the operation will enable us to access potential clients in foreign markets, more easily monitor sales results and our performance in acquiring new clients. With its design, functioning and content, the upgraded bilingual website will improve effectiveness and user experience as well as contribute to enhancing the reputation and recognition of the company in new foreign markets. Websites are one of the most important marketing channels in this digitalisation era, since buyers acquire all relevant information about the company and offer via the website.

Our webshop with booking and payment option will enable quick and simple purchase of our products and present our comprehensive offer. We will enable simpler, more transparent and cost-effective booking options as well as the option for ordering our products. With the new product and sales video, we will present our company and products in a modern way. The video, which is quite an important marketing tool in the market, we will be able to reach a wider circle of potential clients. With the implementation of all the afore mentioned measures, we will promote the expansion to foreign markets and increase the scope of potential buyers. Thus, we will also expedite our expansion to foreign markets.


Within the scope of the planned operating digitalisation measures, we will use innovative tools (webshop, website) to offer end customers the option to choose a service on the basis of their wishes, thus simplifying the business model from booking to product purchase. We will upgrade our webshop that will support booking and the purchase on all electronic devices in two foreign languages. It will offer users an insight in the occupation of our products, a price list and the option to make a booking for a specific date. At the same time it will offer the calculation of the total price itemised by the costs of individual services. It will also enable the submission of an online inquiry with an advance payment via various payment channels, which will simplify and make the sales process cheaper. The planned measures will significantly contribute to improving our business model and processes, since all activities will be digitalised.

Project objectives: 

  • Digitalisation of our performance at fairs
  • Websites for foreign markets
  • Webshop
  • Sales product video
  • Competence strengthening

Project results:

  • Participation and presentation at at least one virtual tourist fair and the preparation of necessary materials.
  • Launch of website and webshop in at least two foreign languages.
  • Production of a product sales video.
  • Training for competence strengthening.

The amount of the grant that we received for the purpose of carrying out the operation is € 30,000 €.

The investment is financed by the Republic of Slovenia nad the European Regional Development Fund (www.eu-skladi.si)


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